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Honey-colored Asian and Hawaiian-mixed Carter James is sweet, hot and muscular. At 5'10 and 170 lbs, he's not tall enough to be the fashion model he'd like to be, but he's every inch the porn model of our dreams. He's been gay since he started hooking up with his best friend in high school (on the down low), and all that practice since then has made him really good at it and a stunner to watch. Las Vegas-based Carter has smooth warm skin, chiseled jaw, high cheekbones and luscious lips, plus a big cock that pops right up at a moment's notice.

Lying back in a sensual, exotic bedroom adorned with exotic plants and a pillow-strewn bed, Carter shows off the tight body built from years of surfing and dirt bike riding. His nut sack and pubes are shaved away to a tiny stubble, making his long hard piece even more imposing as his lubed-up palm glides from root to tip. Spread legs give a perfect view to the muscle ass pumping his body upward with each slow, deliberate stroke. As things heat up, his left hand slips down and a finger or two presses into his tight hole. Carter's eyes drowsily close and his glistening teeth flash white in the soft light. His hand draws down from the head of his cock as he murmurs, "Aww, I'm cumming!" Shots of sperm spray out a foot in the air and splatter Carter's tight abs, and his fingers drip a sticky load.


Beautiful model, not great production quality. Such a pity he only went this far and did not appear in further (hardcore) videos.

I wish I had a high school friend like him......yum.....

Carter is a beautiful man and seems like a nice guy. I wish him every success in the adult film industry, and that it brings him as much pleasure as it will his viewers!

Wow and triple wow. This boy is beautiful and sensual...I'd love to see those beautiful lips wrapped around a pulsing hard cock...Loved his interview, too, especially his story about him and his high school friend...

OMG... instant new FAV. Absolutely mouth watering