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One of the hottest and luckiest studs to grace the pages of PeterFever is ever-thirsty Asian bottom David Ace. He always seems to get all the cock he needs and the mouthful, faceful or buttload of cum he's been hankering for. Here's a three episode miniseries of scenes the PeterFever members haven't seen before of David, the lucky cockhound doing what he does best, and three Jacks who hit the jack-pot when it cums to hot hungry raw-fucking bottom virtuosos. Three Jacks in Ace's Hole? We like the sound, sight, smells and taste of that. First up in the bareback batter's cage, tatted toughboy Tristan Matthews. Once David works Tristan's hairy cock with that magic mouth and inflates it to full turgid rock-hardness, these two are off to the races with all the cock, ass and cum our members love!