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Handsome Jay Wu is far from the average Asian-American guy. Tall at 6'2" and 175#, shaggy-haired, butch, built and a little dominant, he's a versatile guy that ticks off all the boxes. In his spare time he loves to go thrifting and is into making music, but his most important pastime is fucking, and there's NOTHING wrong with that. His first sexual experience was with a middle-aged Mexican guy in a hot tub, It made him feel a little dirty, but good at the same time. HIs taste in men is diverse, but he admits he's a sucker for a pretty face or a bubble butt. The part of his own body he's proud of is his muscular chest, and the "sensitive little nipples" that guys like to play with. You might be surprised that his favorite kinks are forms of BDSM, like choking and getting choked, and especially spanking. Have you been a naughty boy? Jay's got just the punishment for you. When Jay gets down to solo action, he dives a hand into his shorts and his "sweaty, sweaty pubes." His floppy bangs fall into his face as he peels off his tank top and massages his chest and stiffening cock. His thick tongue brushes across his chest and into his furry pits. He stands up to drop his shorts below his big round booty and give us a little tease. Long slim fingers caress his hairy ass crack and his hungry hole. As he grabs hold of his big stiff dick, he starts stroking for real. Things are getting hot in here. As the sensations rise up from his heavy balls into the head of his shaft, Jay bites his lip and gasps for air. He's getting close. A few more long hard strokes and the creamy wad geysers out. Streams of milky cum driozle down his tight abs into his bush. He can't let that delicious load go to waste, lifting a gooey hand to his mouth and savoring every warm, musky drop.