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Jessie Lee is moving into his new place and sexy Asian stud Max Blairwood is there to help move things into the loft. When he's on the ladder, horny muscle stud Jessie can't help looking up his shorts and talking him into a little sexual experimentation. It starts with a kiss and a little body to body rubbing. Then onto the bed and Blair's t-shirt and shorts come off to reveal his rockhard cock.

In this all-Asian gay porn fantasy, Jessie gets his mouth onto Blair's dick and things heat up. He works the head of his black dildo into the "straight" boys hungry ass, then replaces it with a hard raw real dick of his own. He pumps away into Blair's virgin butt, and adds the dildo for a little DP. This straight boy gets the hottest, steamiest intro to the world of gay bareback sex, and once Jessie creams his ass crack with a juicy load, it doesn't look like Blair is ever going back to straight sex again.


Also a big fan of Max here ;) I knew he looked familiar - I watched a vid of his a while ago on a different site and man, he’s really hot. So glad he’s found a new home!!

So happy to hear you guys are enjoying Max. We'll definitely be bringing him back. I like the idea of seeing him top as well. :)- PeterFever Admin

Love the new guy, Max. Cute face, nice body, nice cock. He might make a good top too in a future video. And still loving the bareback scenes -- they seem so much hotter than the older scenes

More of this extremely hot bottom boy please!!!!!!