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This sexy Q&A is all about me, Ken Ott, for PeterFever.com. As a body builder and a lover of the human form, I did have to take a couple of years off porn to heal myself; my knee popped, crunched, and that was that. During my recovery, I traveled a lot and got to go home to the Philippines. And now I'm back; my body is starting to build up the way I want it. Being Bi, I like to fuck and get fucked. What can I say, I'm a coin; flip me over and enjoy either side. Wanting to personally invite you to the site, come have some fun as you watch me grow on PeterFever.com.


Thanks. Nice, interesting Q&A video. Sounds like a well rounded guy, but jealous he can do so much traveling. Have to go to Philippeans for a meet and greet ? :-( Nice to see Ken ID as Bi. I think he's a much better bottom in gay sex ! .. Haven't seen much of his straight sex, I hope he gives women a good fuck.