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One of the all-time fan favorites around PeterFever is beautiful Filipino Ken Ott. Model perfect with piercing dark eyes, a gorgeous smile, chiseled features and a body to die for, Ken is as close to an ideal male as we can imagine, don't you agree?

And he's versatile, as these bits culled from his performances in The Jockstrap, Black Panda, Mr Hardball, as well as his artistic solo shoots demonstrate.

Watch this hot cumpilation and let us know, do you prefer Ken as a hot top, hungry bottom or beautiful, godlike solo performer? If we had to choose we'd take... all of Ken!?


Absolutely the hottest guy by far.GREAT BODY and Face!

he is the best!

Has he retired from performing? Any chance of getting him back? Has he married a woman and moved on? He did do a straight video and said he liked it.

Your sexiest model! Give us more of him please

bicurius- Before the pandemic (probably 2018), I had the opportunity to meet him personally. He identifies as straight (says he was never gay), and he seemed troubled by his gay-for-pay past. Perhaps he just needs time to come to terms…