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"Fuck the housekeeping, let's have a little fun!" When Jay Wu bumps into Hunter Vance, the resort housekeeper on his rounds (and fresh from a hot hookup with Nolan) they immediately strike a horned-up spark. Not even bothering to "get a room" they start dropping trou and making out right there, and only make it halfway up the stairs to the landing before they are into a full-blown fuck-a-thon. Hunter sits on a stair step while Jay chows down on his cock. Jay stands to dangle his dick in Hunter's face to get a return favor, then steps behind the hunky housekeeper to ram his big cock in raw and deep. Hunter leans over the stair handrail and groans with unbridled satisfaction as his booty gets plowed with hard Asian dick. After screwing him into ecstasy, Jay pulls out to get some more juicy oral. Hunter is so discombobulated from the rough fuck he can barely slurp down the tool without gagging. But he's not too fucked out to squirt out a gushing load that splatters the walkway while he sucks. With a few quick strokes across his nuts, Jay's shooting his own creamy wad into Hunter's mouth, then the two brazen fuckers share a hot naked kiss.


It is delightful to see these two work together, but how dare Hunter spill Jay’s man juice!

Did almost throws up from cum in his mouth? Might be in the wrong line of work.

Its hard to imagine a more perfect body than Jay's.