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The lion has returned to his den after a long trip. My bedroom is where I bring back my prey before I pounce on him. I remember the last guy I brought back to my bedroom, Vince, he was the perfect prey. I watched him all night long. My eyes trailed down to his round ass and knew I had to fuck him. He played hard to get and made me chase him. I pinned him against the bed and that ass was mine, he could not stop the beast. I stripped him, licked his tender skin and tasted his juicy lips. It was fucking hot pounding him and dominating his body. Come to my "Lion's Den" and watch me unleash my inner animal.


Peter you're so good at flirting with the camera!

If I am a good person, eventually i will go to heaven, and I hope all the angels in heaven will look just like Peter Le, and I hope they'll all molest me and have their way with me all day, every day