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Des Irez has arrived fresh and sun-bronzed from Miami to find that he's the one trying out PeterFever's new hot Asian model, Danny Ice. He's excited to meet and mate, and next thing you know Danny is sprawled out with him on the chain-hung sex swing. Any small talk about tattoos and short shorts melts away as their hands start roving through the goodies of each others' hot young bods. Once they get naked, Danny dives down to slurp on Des' big hard tool. The swing rocks as Danny gulps Des and Des fingers his buddy's smooth hole. Grabbing the swing's edge to keep things steady, Des buries his face in Danny's hungry ass.

Standing at booty height, Des drills in bareback. His spit-slicked cock slides in smooth as Danny groans. The big wall mirror ahead reflects every hard thrust. Danny lies back with ankles up around the chains as Des plows in sling-style. A steady fuck rhythm turns to deep hard jabs as Des edges near a cum explosion. He gushes inside Danny's cum-starved hole then pulls out wet, dripping and satisfied. Danny sprays his sperm onto his slim tight belly.


Des Irez rocks! He is sooo hot and a dream dude for any bottom like me or danny here.

@Petefever you should hire Aaron Chu of OnlyFans. All your models are too twinky.

New guy Danny is cute, and Des is a hottie, and this is great scene!