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So Eric and I decided to throw a party, actually a masquerade. All of the guys came with awesome masks on and Jessie Colter brought a cute friend that I definitely wanted to get to know better. After everyone met each other, I decided to announce the plan, we were all going to play Hide and Go Seek. Of course I had a little spin on my version; we all had to pick partners. Needless to say I picked the new guy, Jordano. Jessie Lee started counting and we all ran out of the room. I knew Jessie would take his time since he was all alone with JC, so I decided to have a little fun first. On the way up the stairs, I stopped Jordano and said, "Ever had sex on a staircase before?" Next thing you know, we were sucking and fucking like crazy. I loved bending him over the bannister and fucking that tight ass of his. And boy, he fuckin' moans so loud, it just made me pound him harder. I think you will love watching this week's bannister banging episode starring Diego Vena and Jordano Santoro in The Asiancy, Season 4 - Episode 6 "Masquerade - Part 1".