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Based on a real-life group of male masseurs in SF who would get together for no holds barred massage exchange sessions that would evolve into something hotter and dirtier, PeterFever presents our own horny take on the Massage Exchange. Danny Ice explains that he put in an ad for massage exchange and ended up with a group of six. When they got together, massage turned into gay hookup fun and games. His first massage was Zario Travezz, whose muscled body and hairy butt inspired Danny to engage is some creative touching. "Look at that asshole," Danny groans as he slides an oiled up finger into the hairy crack. By the time Zario turns over onto his back, his dick is already thick and stiff.

Danny's curious fingers can't keep away from the meaty monster growing on his massage table. Zario's woody sways and swings as Danny kneads his tight muscles. Then he kneels down to the table to get a musky taste. Soon he's naked on the table straddling his "client". Zario's bare dick slides into his butt as the other masseurs in the room have picked up on the idea and begun bareback screwing as well. His muscles kneaded and stretched, Zario rises to his knees and plows in deep. Danny wraps his ankle around Zario's powerful shoulder. Zario drills his mahogany brown tool into Danny's hungry hole faster. Moans of erotic passion echo around the room where a half dozen studs are getting their rocks off on the massage tables. Zario grabs Danny's spread open thighs and fucks the cum right out of the young twink. Taking his big dick in hand, he squirts a creamy splatter across his masseur's tight little waist.


Danny is hot, he wud be one of my top 3 fantasies

Danny and Zario are hot, and it's great to catch glimpses of the other guys in the room going at it. Hopefully we will see more of them in coming installments?

Zario is HOT!!!