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Danny Ice jokes "I thought we were just here for massages!" but we know better when we see the look in Alfonso Osnaya's eyes once he gets a load of sexy Asian stud Travis Yukarin's hot body and luscious round butt. His hands knead and pummel, but get closer and closer in to Travis' sweet hole.

Alfonso probes his tongue into Travis' crack, licks and lubes the butt and gets Travis twitchin' for a hard drilling. The horny masseur drops his shorts and climbs on the table. His big bare dick slips into that hole like they were made for each other. Tatted Travis bumps his booty up into every thrust. When the camera pulls back we get a glimpse of all three couples ramming cocks into each other. Things are getting hot in here! Travis rides his ass on Osnaya's hard pole, ready to blast at a moment's notice. Alfonso steps down off the table and plows in with Travis' legs wrapped tight around his muscular waist. "I'm gonna CUUMMM!" Alfonso moans as he sprays his wad into his buddy's crotch. Travis squirts a hot load to add to the steaming puddle of love.