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Sore and tight, I get a drink to see if that will loosen me up; Gabe went so deep, all my muscles are tense. Calling Coach Lee for a rub down, he's a bit pissed but agrees to help me out. On the table, his hands work most of the kinks out; his mouth does the rest. Sucking me fully, Coach looks on while I blow and then he cleans me up, again with his mouth. Having me flip over, he's not done using his oral skills or his member.

Rimming me, Coach Lee has me aroused; he takes his turn. Fucking deep and hard, he goes until he blows, my back is coated. He then leans in and says, "that was a pleasure;" it sure was. Ken Ott is looking great as he continues to improve his muscle tone. With such determination, he definitely deserves a reward on


Fucking Jessie Lee - lucky horn dog! He gets to suck, lick his cum, and fuck Ken Ott in one hot session!

Two of my favorites going at it and enjoying themselves! Ken has always been an amazing bottom and Jessie has shown us that he can be one too (like last week!), but what I'd really love to see is Jessie in the "Luck Pierre" position between a super hot bottom (like Ken Ott) and a hot top at the same time.

Wow Ken Ott is a fantastic talented bottom and it's always great seeing him in that role. But please lets have less of Jessie Lee as a top, for Jessie is far better as a hot muscle bottom and somehow its somewhat awkward and doesn't seem right seeing Jessie top.

Keep throwing up scenes with Ken Ott doing what he does best and you will have a lot of followers!