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Poor tired and fucked-out Shen is trying to get back to sleep when another knock starts at the door. It's delivery boy Hans Raw with groceries for another room at the hotel. But when Shen and Hans see each other, all thoughts of sleep and work go out the window and they start making out. Hans sheds his jacket and drops his jeans, and Shen goes to work jerking their dicks together. Hans lies back on the rumpled sheets while Shen gives him a warm, wet blowjob. Shen buries his face in Hans crack, then lubes up his cock and pumps in bareback.

But both these hot Asian guys are looking for the same thing, a good deep dicking. Shen pulls out his trusty double headed dong, works it into Hans hungry hole. He lies back with his knees raised and works the other head into his own cockhungry booty. Hans sits up and grinds his ass down onto the long thick sex toy. Each on all fours, they bump their asses together to fill them both to a deeeeep penetration. "Fuck my hole, I gotta CUM!" The hot hard pressure on his p-spot has Hans ready to blow. He pulls out and glazes Shen's handsome face with a batch of fresh sperm.


hottest video yet! Shen is my new favorite :P But I guess the person who actually ordered the food is out of luck lol

love to see them fuck bareback more of the time rather than all the sex toy play. super hot guys.