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How can you end a tropical vacation without a little naughty, cheating fun at the beach? Travis Yukarin and Hanry Onlyjapa are ready to head back to the States but Travis would like one day of basking on the warm sands of Ipanema. While he's bronzing his muscular Asian body in the sun, hot Cariocas Christin Hupper and Eduardo Menzorra happen by in their tight little bikinis. Offering to slather his back with SPF, Christian nuzzles his hard crotch into Travis' face, then both hot studs begin kissing him. They wander off to the guys' place for someplace more private and conducive to some XXX action.

Kneeling on the bed they indulge in some hot triangular kisses then strip down. Passing Eduardo's hard cock from mouth to mouth, Travis and Christian find that sharing is caring when it comes to threeway sex. But Christian has a chance to get piggy when he swallows down both the other studs' big brown dicks, slobbering stringy gobs of spit that run down Eduardo's smooth nuts. Once Travis gets a taste of Christian's throbbing asshole, it's time to get bareback. He thrusts in from behind while Christian swallows Eduardo to the fuzzy root. Travis and Eduardo tag team Christian's insatiable butthole till he can't take any more plowing and shoots his sticky wad. Travis follows suit and splatters sperm all over his new Brazilian bud, and Eduardo fills Christian with a big steamy load. Travis leaves Brazil exhausted and satisfied, leaving two cum-dripping buddies behind on the bed.


Hupper has a beautiful, bouncy ass!