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Travis Yukarin writes a postcard to Mom as soon as he touches down in Rio with his lover Hanry Onlyjapa. It's his first trip to his boyfriend's home country, and he's excited to try the food, the beaches and all the hot men! But first he wants to get to taste the sweet dick of his sexy Hanry.

As they stand naked and jerking, Hanry's huge uncut cock nuzzles up into Travis' fuckhungry crack and they're off to the races. Travis drops to his knees and takes Hanry's big tool all the way down his throat, his own stiff woody bobbing in front of his muscular torso. Still unshaven after the long flight, Hanry's scruff tickles the booty of his man as he buries his face in Travis' smooth crack. When he stands to slide his raw cock into Travis' spit-slicked hole both hot Asian barebackers let out a satisfied groan. Hanry's thick head barely fits into Travis' tight asshole, but once it's in, it feels SOOO good. Travis climbs on top to ride Hanry's massive piece on the couch. Hanry bends him over and rams in deep. They're both close to squirting their sperm. Travis spills his seed on the floor while Hanry's splattering all over his lover boy's smooth tight cheeks.