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In our third PeterFever East "Sons of the Rising Sun" segment, butch bottom Rio loves his traditional garb so much he even gets his booty rammed while wearing it. It's a combination of Asian culture and gay abandon on full display, and we love it! Rio is that rare Japanese guy who's butch, hairy and hot as a fireplug but really, REALLY wants to feel a big bare dick us his hungry hole. And horny, handsome Rikiya is just the man to give Rio what he needs. Once they get past the kisses and nipple tugs, Rio slides down to make sure Rikiya is stiff and fuck-ready. Then he lies back and lets Rikiya do his dick magic. Rikiya slides in raw and rough, letting Rio's moans direct him to the perfect speed, depth and aim to get the hot hairy little stud off. Rio is not shy about making some noise, and it heightens and heats up the mood as these two Japanese fuckbois get it on. When Rio ends up with an ass crack glazed with hot sticky sperm and a big smile on his face, we know Rikiya was the perfect choice to satisfy him.