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Horny Drake Tyler needs a good fuck, but when he sees Axel Kane strip down he's not quite prepared for the big Asian muscleboy. "Let's see what we're working with here--DAMN!" And then he goes right to work swallowing Axel's cock down to the fuzzy root. Axel turns Drake's face up, commanding "Look at me!", sliding him down to the bed and fucking his face good. He pulls down Drake's black shorts and plows bareback into the young stud's hungry ass. "GodDAMN that ass is tight!" he mumbles as Drake hugs the pillow for dear life. His glutes tense up with every hard thrust from the big guy.

Their fuck is fast and furious, with no time to gaze into each others' eyes or whisper sweet nothings. Axel holds Drake by the hips and drills deeper. He gives Drake's firm round ass a reddening smack. "Get on this fucking dick!" Obedient Drake climbs on and rides, reaches down to stroke his own ironhard tool. Axel bends Drake back, almost in half, pumps his cock in for the sprint to the finish. We see Axel's muscle butt ripple as he fills the horny bottom with hard raw Asian-American tube steak. He pulls out just far enough to spray Drake's crack with cum then breeds his dick back in. With Axel still shooting inside his hole, Drake geysers a thick wad of manjuice and gets a wet kiss for his manly efforts.


Axel is amazing. Just like I want to be fucked!, Mmmmmm


Hope to see some new models soon