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If sauna sex is not anonymous enough for you, what about fucking through a glory hole in a darkened room, not seeing anything but that hungry hole? Hot Latin Des Irez recalls seeing a beautiful ass sticking through a glory hole, and the guy behind it was begging for dick. Playing out that hot memory is Jeremy Vuitton as the beautiful ass that Des can't get enough of. Jeremy dances around the room wagging that booty to the relentless beat of bathhouse music. Des sees him and reaches over to feel those smooth bronzed cheeks and the hungry hole between. Jeremy massages Des under his towel, gets him too hot to say no. They kiss through a metal grate fence and Jeremy ducks under to get a mouthful of Des' cock. Soom Des is plowing his cock down Jeremy's throat and hanging onto the fence to brace himself. Jeremy starts begging to get fucked, but of course Des finds it pretty tough to understand with his cock stuffing Jeremy's mouth.

Des buries his face in Jeremy's crack to get him wet and ready for cock. He slides it in bareback as Jeremy stands with everything below the waist sticking out the glory hole. A horny bystander sticks his head through an adjacent hole and Des shoos him away. With nothing but an ass and a poair of legs sticking out through the large hole. Des can concentrate on fucking. "Yeah, that hole's so fuckin' TIGHT!" he compliments. He finally pulls out to cover Jeremy's ass with a creamy splatter and breeds his load back in.


as a bottom myself, i can vouch for des irez to be a dream guy.. i would submit myself to him the same way jeremy does here. lucky jeremy! he gets to swallow des's whole cock into his mouth and also get pounded and bred by des. wanna sniff des's armpits at 14.40.. macho smell, sure!. love des!

yum, more of that hot bareback top, please