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Zak Bishop confesses that his absolute fantasy cum true was a hot group sex thing at the bathhouse. Cut to Jessie Lee, Jeremy Vuitton and Des Irez helping Zak bring that bathhouse memory to raw, cum-dripping life. Jessie and Zak pair up as Jeremy and Des suck face. Wandering hands grab asses and stiff cocks as things heat up behind a fetish room's chain. Jessie and Jeremy start off as the hungry cocksuckers. Then Jeremy gets his ass reamed out by Jessie's probing tongue while Des sucks down Zak's big tool. The tatted studs, Zak and Des, ram their cocks in bareback to give the cock-starved Asian guys all the dick their asses can take. It turns into a writhing daisy chain of raw fucking with dicks going into asses everywhere. Des, Jeremy and Jessie lie back on the banquette with legs spread for Zak to move down the line fucking each one as he fingers the others. The three bottoms kiss in a close triangle as Zak beats out his load just above. His cum splatters their faces and drips down their hungry mouths. Des plows in for a last bit of screwing, pulls out to leave Jeremy's hole geysering out a few sticky cumloads. The fucked-out fantasy foursome is finally satisfied and dripping wet with hot manjuice.


in this sauna, Zak Bishop had fucked Jeremy before and Des Irez had owned Jeremy and Jessie before. I expected that it will be Zak and Des fucking Jeremy and Jessie. But it turned out to be even better. Zak fucked Jessie and Jeremy but then Des wanted to prove that he is the real macho in the group. So he started invading Zak when Zak was fucking Jeremy. Very hot scene. real power-play - Des> Jak> Jeremy. Des being the ultimate alpha, surpassing Zak. at 15.00: Zak has no other choice than take a pounding from Des in front of Jeremy, Zak's previous bottom. but the power play changes and the unbelievable happens - Zak comes out of his humiliation by Des and parade the three guys (including macho Des) to fuck one by one. Zak takes revenge on Des by fucking Des in front of his two past bottoms - Jeremy and Jessie. Des Irez surrenders and gets fingered by Zak side by side of Jeremy and Jessie. Jeremy tries to kiss his alpha Des when Des gets fucked. that was hot. Zak turned out to be the alpha here.. After this humiliation, Des regains his manhood by fucking his favorite bottom jeremy: "want me to feed you that load?" Des asks jeremy. jeremy of course accepts to be bred by Des. Des floods Jeremy's hungry hole.. Very hot scene. Love the powerplay.

I’d love to join that jizz kissing at the end…

New guy Des is hot, and even better in a group!