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"The VIP"

Sneaky detective Nolan is investigating the Game in his undercover disguise as a Guard, and now is serving cocktails to a wealthy VIP watching the festivities on his mobile from the comfort of a secluded sling. He may be a rich ruthless capitalist, but this handsome VIP (Trent Marx) is a horny sexpig himself once you get to know him. And Nolan is about to get to know him all the way to the depths of his sweet muscle ass.

"Nice build, let me see your handsome face," the VIP remarks as he swills down his cocktail. They jack together cock to cock, slurp down each others' woodies. And before you know it these two are ramming stiff raw cock and bare ass together in that comfy and convenient sling. With dick buried balls deep in the insatiable VIP stud, Nolan feels just what's drawing in these sexpigs to the Game. He shoots a hot load into the VIP's well-fucked hole, and the new buds share some secrets. Nolan lets on that he's been undercover to check out the Game, and the VIP confesses how much he'd like to be in the Game himself. Tossing a player jersey marked 8" to the hot stud, Nolan welcomes him as a new part of the fun. Wanna play!?


More imagination : more rimming and nipple play with this hot hairy man.

WOW! Nolan is one sexy hot guy. Hope to see more of him in your upcoming videos

Nolan is a cutie, and he has a great cock and fucks like a champ!