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Jeremy Vuitton must be getting tired of all these studs looking for Chris, but since he gets his butt plowed with every mistaken visit, maybe NOT? Jeremy's hit the jackpot when adorable, built blond cutie Zak Bishop wants to "hang out" with Chris. Jeremy offers "Is there anything I can do?" and two horny bareback studs are off to the races. After a kiss and a little grab ass, Jeremy drops to his knees to get a mouthful of Zak's long thick tool. "Chris sucked a dick better than that, c'mon boy!" Zak challenges, and Jeremy gets to work proving his oral talents.

While Jeremy is occupied with a mouthful of hard cock, Zak reaches down to run a finger into Jeremy's beautiful ass crack. He buries his face in and tongues Jeremy's cock-starved hole. Once it's lubed up with spit, Zak's huge cock slides in "like buttah". A hand smack against Jeremy's meaty little butt shows Zak's appreciation. He plows in from on top as a rivulet of spit and pre-cum leaks down from Jeremy's wide-open ass. Jeremy's mesmerized, staring at the heavens while the horny visitor fucks him raw and rough. "Oh FUCK you're gonna make me cum!" Zak shouts as he shoots a gusher that puddles around Jeremy's hole and runs down his nuts. Is it almost true love or true lust when Zak whispers "I'm so glad Chris moved out," leaving well-fucked Jeremy Vuitton beaming and drenched in hot spooge.


Zak is hot! beautiful cock and HUGE load... Would have loved to see him stick his cock back in while cumming.