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Welcome back to the 70s where China Gold and Silky Dick rule their stable of studs through giggles, bloopers, and backstage antics. As much as we want it to be, not everything on a porn set is all about sex. In this exclusive Peter Fever episode, you'll get another look behind the scenes at what went into making 'The Deuce: A Gay Parody'. With a sexy cast, a hardworking crew, and a very tight production schedule, all sorts of things were bound to happen. Here we bring you even more outtakes and footage that could never have made the final cut of the series including laughing fits, sexy surprises, and even some backstage lounging by the cast and crew. Sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy five of your favorite Peter Fever stars (and some people you never knew were helping to make the magic happen) as they pull it all together to bring you 'The Deuce'.


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