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The horny devil's not done wreaking havoc with this wedding party yet, as he grabs his nip and reaches into his g-string to fondle his fucktool. Alfonso looks at the sexy hellion and says, "Mmmm, I'm a devil worshipper!" as he strips down and climbs onto the bed. He takes Jessie's devil cock all the way down his hungry throat, and the stripper grabs his hair to fuck it further in. Alfonso's on hands and knees and we see his hot hole is hungry for a hard reaming.

He climbs up and straddles Devilboy's waist, lowering onto the stiff bare prick. Jessie stands at the edge of the bed and rams him from behind. Alfonso's cock rubs the soft bedspread then Jessie grabs it and gives a slick hard reacharound. Jessie lies back and offers up his own cockstarved ass for some sinful action. Pulling him to the edge of the bed Alfonso plows in. He dons Jessie's devil mask to race to the juicy finish. He squirts his load along with Jessie then lies on top to give him a deep wet kiss.


Alfonso is so sexy as a bottom, and even better as a top. And Jessie's still got it! Hot scene!