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After all the hot seXXX and tomfoolery, it's time to get to the main event, the wedding of Nolan to his beloved Dan After Dark. The minister cuts to the chase, pronouncing them husband and husband. Their first kiss after the vows is so passionate and erotic the minister has to break in to suggest "That's enough! Get a room you sluts." But thinking again, he changes his wise advice to "Screw the room, just let 'em fuck, whaddya think?" Because Dan and Nolan are so heated up that any advice to the contrary would fall on deaf ears.

With Alfonso and Jessie the Devilboy cheering from the aisles, the happy couple has their traditional wedding night hookup right at the altar. Nolan drops his drawers and Dan kneels to give him a juicy blowjob. Nolan gets a musky taste of Dan's thirsty butthole, and they're off to the races. "Fuck yeah!" Dan groans when Nolan slides his long tool in bareback. Ass grinds back into thrusting pelvis, and a happy couple gets a lot hornier. Dan rolls onto his back with his stockinged feet raised and spread wide as Nolan plows in for the first of many wet deep cumshots. He stands and beats his spurting cock into Dan's face. Then it's an ill-timed bout of conscience as Nolan owns up to his indiscretions, apologizes and explains "The Devil Made Me Do It". They kiss once more as Alfonso and Jessie give them another round of cheers and applause.