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The one guy who missed out on the filthy fun in the day leading up to the wedding was groom Dan. But the story isn't wrapped up and put to bed yet! Best man Alfonso shows his firm butt and saucy smile off to Dan and in the wink of an eye Dan, Alfonso and Devilboy Jessie are kissing and grinding their bods together. Nolan's already left the chapel so these three horny dudes have free rein to get up to the wedding day cheat of all cheats.

Formal wedding clothes tossed aside, Dan stands naked and erect as Jessie and Alfonso give him a little after-ceremony dick worship. After the two wedding guests pass his big cock mouth to mouth, Alfonso stands and Jessie slurps down on both of their woodies. Still clad in dress socks, with Alfonso in his sneaks, they form a rimming train with Dan as the caboose. They stand up and plow their bareback cocks into each other. Alfonso gets spit roasted between Dan's and Jessie's thick prongs, then Jessie and Dan take turns thrusting deep into his cockhungry hole. His tight hard booty ends up slathered in thick cum, and he repays the pair with a splatter of molten sperm into their faces. The sticky trio licks the loads off each other. In the car to their wedding night hotel, Dan confesses that the Devil made HIM do it, and the new husbands drive off hornier and wiser. Our instigating Devil revels in the matrimonial havoc he's caused with a long diabolical laugh.