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Flipping through more of the pages Robin wanted to see what other dirty stories people wrote. Each page he turned, he kept finding one boring entry after another, until he saw this. "Thank you Jacob. I just had the most amazing angry sex in my life. I planned a trip with my ex in hopes of rekindling our friendship, but I got way more out of this than I expected. We had just gotten back from a night out on the town and?" I didn't understand why Mikoah was so upset. This trip was supposed to be fun, but I needed to spice it up. A guy from the club, MJ, came back to our room and I knew it was going to be a hot threesome. Mikoah initially hesitated but eventually he gave in. I knew he couldn't pass getting fucked by two hot guys. He was mad, but we had the best angry sex together. Watch the second entry unfold in this episode of The Novella Series S2E10 "The Guestbook - Angry Sex" featuring MJ Taylor, Mikoah, and Frank Stallion.