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Dominic Pacifico and Hotaru Merced team up for the first episode of PeterFever's all bareback extravaganza, "The Jockstrap." In the first episode, Hotaru starts by sniffing Dominic's sweaty jock and feeling his big bulge. Pulling the jock down, out comes a hard dick ready to be sucked. On his knees, he worships the cock and balls before Dominic bends him over to eat out his eager ass. Rimming his hot hole Dominic prepares his lubed up dick as Hotaru rides it. Hotaru cums all over his body as he's getting fucked. Dominic grabs Hotaru's stinky jock and shoots his own load all over Hotaru's face.


Yes!!! Watching Hotaru ride Dominic's cock I could feel his hole wrapped around mine - bareback is so effin hot :-)