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Sometimes you never know when Mr. Right Now will come walking through the door. For David Ace, the minute he lays eyes on muscle daddy JayCee, he knows "That's for me!" David loves them rough and ready, and guy-next-door real, and JayCee is all that and more, a scruffy tatted top who gets what he wants. David gets down on hands and knees with his pucker pointed right up at the muscle stud. Who could resist, or would want to? JayCee gets a little appetizer when he dives in for a taste.

David relishes being a sub for a dominant Dad, and totally perks up when JayCee grabs him, pulls his face down to swallow his cock. As soon as it's stiff and undeniable JayCee pumps it into David's warm, wet and waiting ass. David grabs the pillow for dear life, then JayCee grabs the headboard for a stronger push as he thrusts away. Lean and hungry David uses his strong thighs to ride the big hard cock. Teetering at the edge, Daddy goes for another lick of David's twitching hole then David goes down to slurp down dick one more time. Both studs have to get off and squirt their shots, but there's still that magnetic attraction when they kiss and cuddle afterwards.


love watching David's face as he gets rimmed and his hole opens up!

love seeing David getting plowed bareback and taking loads. how about a vid where he does 4 3-ways with the hottest asian tops to join PV recently and then end with a big bb group scene? :-)