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After his extracurricular horsing around with Fu, Don failed the test he should have studied for. Summoned into Yowei's office, he begs the tough teacher not to inform his parents. Yowei's upbraiding gives Don an unexpected woody that eagle-eyed Yowei notices with glee. He demands Don come over to accept his punishment, unzips his fly to let his big dick flop out. Don gets on his knees, slurps down a mouthful of the kind of punishment he's been dreaming of.

Yowei gropes Don's crotch and starts stripping him down. With his cock unleashed Don beats off while Yowei gets naked and bends over the desk. It's no big surprise when Yowei back up and lands on Don's stiff raw dick. He stands and bends forward while the horny young stud plows in deep. Dress shoes and sock still on, Yowei lifts his legs for Don to screw him on the desk. Don regains his aggression and slams in hard and fast, splattering the teacher's tight butt with fresh hot cum. He kneads Yowei's muscular chest as he squirts his sperm across his defined belly. Don failed the test but earned his second chance. And boss bottom Yowei looks forward to a lot more of meting out this hot juicy punishment to his horny class.


Please continue this series. I love how Yowei always seduces his students and is so raunchy! And he is a fantastic bottom. More of all of this. CONTINUE THE SEMESTERS ON UP TO GRADUATION!!!

Yowei has such a beautiful dick. It’s perfectly shaped, and his low-hanging balls are just so kissable.

WOW...... So bad... No chemistry between the models.... dialogue horrible, photography could be so much better. I actually fell a sleep watching . Sorry guys, but I am cancelling my membership

A great video with hot models. 4 out of 5 stars...Lose the shoes and socks.