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Chiseled Asian superman Hiroya is a beautiful specimen of a man's man, with a little mustache, trimmed goatee and perfectly muscled physique. It's an overwhelming package for young porn newbie Tomoki, but this new PeterFever East find is up for the challenge. They start out fresh from a shower making out in the bathroom, then climb on the bed to get their bodies together, up close and personal. Hiroya's tight sport briefs are packed full of manly goodness, and when he grinds his crotch into Tomoki, his dick swells even thicker. He peels Tomoki's undies down and works on his mushroom-headed cock. Tomoki leans his head back and moans with pleasure. When he lies on his back and holds his knees wide open Hiroya licks his ass and pops in a few lubed fingers.

Hiroya guides Tomoki's mouth down onto his impressive stiffy. Thier bodies tangle in a hot embrace then Hiroya reaches for the lube. Once Tomoki's hole is open and juicy, he plows in forcefully. He grabs the young stud by the hips and drills in deeper. Tomoki's butt is dripping with lube as he climbs onto Hiroya and grinds it down onto the muscle daddy's relentless thrusting. They shift to missionary for the last closeknit screw, and Tomoki can't hold back. He sprays hot sticky cum across his abs and the bed, then turns around to suck off Hiroya for the big finale. Once Hiroya starts splattering his sperm, Tomoki's drenched from mouth to chin with a thick creamy glaze. Fun fuck? You bet!


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One thing that makes both these guys sooooo sexy and hot is their totally smooth bodies. Beautiful men! Have they permanently removed their body hair? I can’t see any shaving stubble…hahaha!