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Ken Ott zooms his sleek red Lexus to a massage date with Matthew Grande, who waits for him on the terrace. Apologizing for being late, Ken offers to model the new jockstraps he's been out shopping for. Stretching each over his ample package, he is careful to show off his round firm exposed ass to Matthew. Matthew takes up the challenge and tries on a black and white jock that accentuates his growing interest in Ken's muscular bod.

Ken breaks out the massage oil and smooths it all over Matthew's tight tatted torso and legs, even wetting down the new jock till it's transparent. Now it's time for Ken to climb on and rub his own body against Matthew's. When they step into the bedroom, Ken's jock comes down and Matthew swallows his big piece. Then Matthew's smooth straight uncut rod gets the oral treatment as well.

Ken crouches on a nearby chair with his ass up and perfectly framed by the black straps of his jock. Horny Matthew can't help diving in for a mouthful of hot quivering ass, then rolls on a condom to plunge into Ken's eager ass. He pumps hard and gives Ken's ass a hearty slap, then peels off the jock to feel nothing but skin as the two grind their gonads in hot lust. Ken's dick bobs up and down as they turn over for him to ride Matthew's rockhard dick, then Matthew drives straight in as the action gets tough and focused. Just a few frenzied strokes and he has to pull out to cream Ken's firm muscle ass with sticky cum. Drenched in love juice, Ken turns and beats out his own hearty splash, and leaves Matthew with nothing but a memory and the smell of a well-worn jock.


Astroglide...? Gurl...

Ken is gorgeous; Trevor, with those hideous tattoos, is unwatchable.

first time watching Ken. I'm a fan!

Ken's hot hole has never looked more hungry - loved watching him enjoy the ride :-)

Ken is ridiculously beautiful. Good scene despite the awful tats and the acne; great cumshots.

too awesome

Ken is best😍

the crew is way too visible, and it's distracting...ken is always cute but seems to be overly faking it here