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Alex Chu

Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Dick Size: 7 inches
Fun Fact: He was referred to us by Kai, his friend and fuck buddy!

I was born and raised in Guangzhou, China but had family in Alhambra, California and always dreamed to come to the US. I finally made the journey, and fell in love with muscular men! While meeting Kai during a hot orgy, he told me about the opportunity to film with him on Of course, being the horny fucker I am, I said yes!

When not fucking, I like to spend my time on Twitter (you can follow me @alexxxversatile), at more in member area

Alex Chu's Photos

Alex & Jet

Alex & Jet

03 Aug 2018
Alex & Dylan

Alex & Dylan

22 Jun 2018
Alex Chu & Rica Trujillo

Alex Chu & Rica Tru...

15 Jun 2018
Alex Chu & Osiris Blade

Alex Chu & Osiris B...

08 Jun 2018
Alex Chu & Sean Duran

Alex Chu & Sean Dur...

18 May 2018
Alex, Ken & Levy

Alex, Ken & Levy

04 May 2018