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The Asiancy Season 5

In the Asiancy Season 5, the Pizza Boy (Robin Cadiz) gets hired as an Asiancy model at the Talent House and his first mission; getting topped hard by Diego. Meanwhile the Pizza boss is angry his employee is gone and seeks to find him at the house, only to run into Jessie instead who is always hungry for fresh salami. What follows is more hot sexual situations in the house, which culminates into a "Dare" game where all the house members participate; and ultimately have hot sex with one another!

Release Date: 11 Jul 2013

Actors: Jessie Lee , Diego Vena, Robin, Rick Maverick, Trey Turner, Jessie Colter, Dayton O'Conner, Ty Dylan, Peter Le
We Dare You  Part 4

We Dare You Part 4 18 Oct 2013

We Dare You  Part 3

We Dare You Part 3 11 Oct 2013

We Dare You - Part 2
We Dare You - Part 1
The Race

The Race 20 Sep 2013

The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot 13 Sep 2013

Tight End

Tight End 05 Sep 2013

WTF, Let's Fuck!

WTF, Let's Fuck! 30 Aug 2013

Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef? 23 Aug 2013

My Secret Love

My Secret Love 08 Aug 2013

The Contractor

The Contractor 01 Aug 2013


Lifeguard 25 Jul 2013

Pizza Manager

Pizza Manager 18 Jul 2013

The Beach House

The Beach House 11 Jul 2013

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