The Asiancy Season 6

The Asiancy Season 6

In what many consider the hottest season of "The Asiancy," we introduced some of the hottest new models in the gay porn world; Eli Lewis, Coda Filthy, Frank Stalliion and Tex Holcum. In this season, all of the models need to participate in a stripping contest in order to please Peter Le. First, Frank Stallion and Trelino warm the season up by discussing their nervousness at meeting Peter and being a part of the contest, and end up relieving their pressure by fucking each other. Jessie Lee gives new wannabe Asiancy model Eli Lewis a tour of the house before giving him a tour of his cock. Coda Filthy also gets introduced to the house, as well as introduced to Tex Holcum's big cock. Shawn Shum and Lenin fuck in the dressing room getting ready for the strip show; and finally the season closes out with all of the house boys participating in a hot stripping contest with some great sex! Find out if the boys made Peter happy, and watch more of Peter in the hot "Behind the scenes" videos!

Release Date: 28 Nov 13

Actors: Frank Stallion, Trelino, Jessie Lee, Eli Lewis, Tex, Coda Filthy, Lenin Stone, Shawn Shum, Peter Le
Money Clip

Money Clip 13 Mar 14

Sweet Apple Pie

Sweet Apple Pie 06 Mar 14


TNT 27 Feb 14

Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom 21 Feb 14

Sex Dice

Sex Dice 14 Feb 14

Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish 06 Feb 14


Wash-Up 30 Jan 14


Clean-Up 24 Jan 14

Peter's Gift

Peter's Gift 16 Jan 14

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake 10 Jan 14

Join the Fun

Join the Fun 03 Jan 14

Fuck the Stripper
The Changing Room
The Drinking Game
The Tour

The Tour 05 Dec 13

Nervous Sex

Nervous Sex 28 Nov 13