Diego's World

Diego's World

Everyone always asks me, "Is your life off the set just as exciting as your life on the set?" Well after telling Peter some of the stories of the guys I hook-up with, he decided to follow me around and document a few days of my life. Little did he know how my days are fuck-filled with hot guys. Follow my adventures and cum, cum into my world!

Release Date: 11 Jun 13

Actors: Diego Vena, Hunter Vance, Jessie Colter, Trey Turner, Curtis Culpepper, Alex Corona, Peter Le, Junnior, Rick Maverick, Tate Ryder, Jessie Lee
Riding the Ryder
The Park

The Park 17 Sep 13

Goosed by Maverick
Food Porn

Food Porn 27 Aug 13

The Gardener

The Gardener 20 Aug 13

Cock the Colter

Cock the Colter 25 Jul 13

Shooting Hoops

Shooting Hoops 22 Jul 13

Gym Locker Room

Gym Locker Room 15 Jul 13

Pump You Up

Pump You Up 08 Jul 13

The Beach

The Beach 24 Jun 13