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Novella Season 1

Experience my newest series to PeterFever, The Novella! What is a novella you ask? It's basically several miniseries split up under one mega series! In the first part, The Haunting, watch what happens when you have a new group of guys living in a house experiencing a series of strange paranormal activity. See what scary and unexplained things are about to happen on the eve of the scariest time of the year. Will the guys be able to reveal whats haunting the house? Other novellas include Moving In, Football, and Toys and Boys. All featuring Jessie Lee, Robin, and our new cast, Tex, JaeGizibe, Armand Rizzo, Jayden Ellis, Coda Filthy, and Lenin. Get your fill of thrills and chills in our first edition of The Novella!

Release Date: 28 Oct 2013

Actors: Jessie Lee , Peter Le, Robin, Coda Filthy, Tex, JaeGizibe, Jayden Ellis, Armond Rizzo, Lenin Stone