LiveCams - greeneyesxxl

LiveCams – greeneyesxxl

I’m always curious when it comes to bisexual guys. I like to test their limits and see what they like. With greeneyesxxl I would’ve never guessed he was bisexual.  I thought he would be too shy to do anything but he took me to his shower for me to watch and he wanted to see … Continue Reading

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The Asiancy S7 “Behind-the-Scenes Part 2″

We had a lot of new models join us for The Asiancy Season 7. A lot of porn stars are excited to work with us and this season we added Ray Han, Davey Anthony, and Santiago Figueroa to the PeterFever roster in addition to CodaFILTHY, Jayden Ellis, Diego Vena, Eli Lewis, and Jessie Lee. Ray … Continue Reading

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When to Call it Quits for Cardio

Do you ever feel like a zombie running on the endless treadmill but on top of that you are not losing weight? Then you guys need to listen up. If you have been doing the same type of cardio for the same amount of intensity and time, then it’s time to change it up. Your … Continue Reading

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couples counseling

The Novella Series S3E4 “ITB App – Couples Counseling”

I was exhausted after a long day at work and all I wanted to do was sleep with my babe Liam. Something had been off lately; Liam was always on his phone and would barley talks to me anymore. When he went to take a shower I took the chance to see what he was … Continue Reading

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Food Porn Party

Food Porn Party

I was at a party last weekend and they had the most interesting theme. I was invited to a food porn party. Basically you had to bring some type of food that was sexual. Everyone had a bunch of ideas, but where do I begin. Some brought lollipops, fudge syrup, whip cream and one person … Continue Reading

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LiveCams - KARLTT

LiveCams – KARLTT

Last night, LiveCam model KARLTT and I started an innocent conversation getting to know each and how our nights were going. Then he asked about my tattoo peeking through my sleeve and tricked me into taking my shirt off to see it better. Next thing I know, he’s jacking off watching me flex and I’m … Continue Reading

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City Suite

Eric East Directs Peter Le in “City Suite”

While visiting Shanghai, Eric East told me he really wanted to try directing a video with me in it. He was a little nervous, but I said it would be fine. As a virgin director, he wanted to make sure everything was perfect, but he was still worried. I told him about a trick of … Continue Reading

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